Tips for a Less Wasteful Wedding

Maybe you are eco-conscious and are worried about the excess that weddings create. Maybe you are looking to get the most for your money by re-purposing items. Maybe you are intrigued by the idea that you can help others after your big day. Or...maybe you just have no idea what to do with all the items once the event is over! No matter the reason, there are plenty of ways to reuse, re-purpose, or donate wedding items. Making small changes ahead of time can also cut out a lot of wedding waste!

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Food & Drink: 

1. Serving "family style" often eliminates waste because people will take only what they will eat, and the bowls are left on the tables for easy access to second helpings. This option may also be cheaper because there is less need for servers!

2. Serving beer from a keg in reusable cups will eliminate glass bottles and aluminum cans. Forget the straws, and ask if they would like a cocktail napkin before distributing!

3. Guests are more likely to eat cake if it is served while they are still seated. Cutting the cake and leaving on a dessert table, or distributing during dancing, will account for a lot of uneaten cake.  

4. Have the caterer box up leftovers-either for guests to take, or to be donated to a local food bank. 


1. Ask the florist to rearrange the flowers to donate to a hospital or nursing home.

2. Give your guests flowers as favors. Deconstruct bouquets and have a table filled with a variety of ribbon and personalized tags for guests to create their own bouquet. 

3. In general, if you are worried about waste, an outdoor ceremony/reception will eliminate the need for excess flowers and decorations. 

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1. Send save-the-dates and wedding invites via e-invitations.

2. Want to see something truly unique?

3. Forego individual menus, and instead save paper by writing the menu on cute chalkboards displayed inside the reception hall. 

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