Including Your Fur Baby in Your Wedding

Making your four-legged friend a part of your wedding day has become increasingly popular, but not every pet can be trained to walk a ring down the aisle, stand still for photos, or even behave themselves around a table of food. What are ways to make your pet a forever part of your wedding day, without the stress of one more thing to worry about?

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1. Include your pet in your engagement photos, which will ultimately become save-the-date cards. Take photos with them holding a sign with the date announcement on it!

2. Dress your pet in wedding attire-whether that be a fancy dress or a suit made for a dog. Incorporate them in the "getting ready" photos within the bridal suite. This provides a contained area for your pet, and does not mean they have to be present during the ceremony or reception (unless you want them to be, of course).

3. Ring-bearer or flower girl! However, this can be tricky. To simplify, ask your ring-bearer or flower girl to walk with your pet down the aisle. Putting a child in charge of the pet for the day will not only keep them occupied, but will make them feel important and helpful.

4. Incorporate your fur baby in the reception-without them needing to be there. Place funny photos of your pet around the reception, from table numbers to photo albums. Name a signature drink after your pet. If your guests are pet lovers as well, include dog treats in their goodie bags. 

Although you may love the idea of having your pet physically present during your big day, you know your pet best! How do they handle a new and overstimulating environment? Do they socialize well with children and unfamiliar faces? Are they like to run off, steal food, or mistake table linens for potty pads? Although there a million reasons why having your pet at your wedding will be memorable and exciting for everyone, there are also a million ways it can go wrong. How well you trust your pet is the first step in deciding how to include them in your wedding. Consider asking a younger relative to pet sit for the day, or hire a pet sitter if you would prefer they stay home. Regardless, there are endless ways to make sure your pet is recognized on your wedding day, because after all, they are family.

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