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At HYPE Event Planning, we believe that every event should consist of no stress, just excitement… or what we call HYPE.  

HYPE Event Planning's mission is to cultivate and to help inspire:

  • ex·cite·ment: a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

  • eu·pho·ri·a: a feeling of intense happiness.

  • sat·is·fac·tion: fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs.

  • spir·it: full of energy, enthusiasm & determination.

We founded HYPE Event Planning in October of 2017 after working together at a small nonprofit doing event planning, fundraising and community outreach. We realized the power that event planning can have, especially on nonprofits with small budgets and big hearts. HYPE was founded in hopes to continue helping other nonprofits accomplish their organizational missions in the Madison area.

Although we have a special place in our hearts from nonprofit work, we love events of all shapes and sizes. Weddings, networking events, art shows, corporate affairs, fashion shows, life celebrations-- you name it and we have the experience and talent to make your event stand out among the rest.

Chic and modern. Free spirited and bohemian. Artistic and edgy. Whatever your style may be, HYPE Event Planning will provide customizable event planning services that are uniquely you and uniquely Madison. We promise that our style and expertise will be matched with great delivery and execution to make the event of your dreams.

Although HYPE Event Planning is native to the Madison area, we are always down for the next great travel adventure. Contact us today so we can chat about your upcoming celebration! 

All the best, 

Jamie & Stacey

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